Alfred Dzadey -Property Investor & Developer

About Me

I’m an aspiring young Entrepreneur, Investor and a Co-Author of “Tej Talks Presents: Behind The Bricks: A curated collection of knowledge, insight and experience from the UK property industry”

I have an Aerospace Engineering background and previously worked as a contracting project manager for Jaguar Land Rover. I was primarily responsible for projects up to £200m for 5 years before embarking on my journey as an entrepreneur.

Invest with Alfred

I am a Property Investor and Developer based in the West Midlands of England. I established Real Property Ventures in 2018 with the ambition to provide great accommodation at affordable prices. We have been investing in the UK property market for the last 2 years and have been involved in multiple projects ranging in complexity.

Working with known industry Mentors, Coaches and Training Programmes, I have taken formal education to increase my knowledge of property investment strategy. We find innovative and efficient ways of funding available to deliver our projects including; own capital, institutional lending, but also use private clients funds who are simply wanting to put their money to work for a fixed return.

Alfred Dzadey - Business Owner
Alfred Dzadey - Business Owner

Business Owner

I am currently moving into the business acquisition space where I will be looking to acquire businesses with an annual turnover of £2-£8m that have the following key attributes:

  • Consistent and stable revenues
  • Good net margins
  • Potential growth
  • Good management structure
  • Established for longer than 5 years

If you are in contact with any business owners who are looking to exit or sell their business please send a message with any information.

Join My Property Mastermind Group

We are a community of ACTIVE property investors who come together weekly to support each other and answer any questions you might have in your property investing journey and help you overcome your hurdles.

As we all know, our network is our net worth. We don’t need to know the answer to everything, so long as we know somebody who does, and building relationships with the other members of the mastermind not only opens you up to their ideas and knowledge, but immediately connects you to everyone they know as well

If you feel you need that weekly support to help you on your journey and are SERIOUS about getting to the next level then this property mastermind group is for YOU!

Some collaborations I have done

Consultation Call

I currently offer a consultancy service whereby I provide a one hour dedicated zoom call on a one to one basis to address any property questions you have and provide you with any advice required.

You can book a 1 Hour Property investing consultation zoom call with me now.